Teaching, Principals of Teaching and Steps in Extension Teaching

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Teaching, Principals of Teaching and Steps in Extension Teaching


“Teaching is a process of providing the situation in which learning takes place”. Teaching is arranging the situation in which the things to be learnt are the Attention of the learner, their interest is developed, action promoted, desire aroused, action promoted and satisfaction ensured.

Teaching is a process of guided interaction between the teacher, learner and material of instruction. It is a process of creating situation that facilitate learning process.

The situation created should help in bringing desired change in the behavior of the learner.


1) The student should understand the purpose of learning.

2) The learner should want to learn.

3) The teacher should keep informal and friendly climate in learning situation.

4) Physical facilities should be favorable and appropriate.

5) The teacher should involve the learner so that they can participate and accept the responsibility.

6) The teacher should make use of learner’s experience.

7) The teacher should prepare well for the class keep his teaching aids ready.

8) The method of instruction should be appropriate.

9) The teacher should follow learner.

10) The teacher should have flexible plan for the course.

11) The teacher should able to learn at their own place.

12) The learner should aware about his own progress.

Steps in Extension Teaching:

1) Getting the attention of the learner.

2) Stimulating the learner’s interest.

3) Increase the learner’s desire for information.

4) Convincing the learner about the act.

5) Getting action by the learner.

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