The Elements of Learning Situation

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The Elements of Learning Situation

The above diagram shows that the learner is the central element in the learning situation. This is significant since the entire purpose is to cause them learn. Therefore, the learning on the part of the learner becomes the objective to be attended while other four elements become the means for achieving this end product. To have an effective learning situation, these five elements should satisfy the following conditions.

I) Instructor – He should:

1. Have clear objective.

2. Know the subject matter and have it well organized.

3. Be able to communicate with learner.

4. Allow learners participation, ask for it.

5. Use a definite leaching plan.

6. Speak loudly and clearly so that all can hear and understand.

7. Be skillful in use of teaching materials and equipments.

II) Learner: Should:

1. Have need for information.

2. Be interested.

3. Be capable of learning.

4. Use the information again.

III) Subject Matter should be:

1. Related to learners need.

2. Applicable to real situation.

3. Thought intellectual levels of the learners.

4. Well organized and logically and clearly presented.

5. Challenging and satisfying.

6. Fulfilling overall objectives.

IV) Physical Facilities:

1. Free from outside destruction.

2. The room should be well lighted.

3. Adequate space for the group.

V) Teaching Equipments:

1. Meet the needs effectively.

2. Readily available.

3. In working order.

The nature of each of these elements their relationship to each other, their role in education process must be thoroughly understood by the instructor and skill developed in handling them. Effective learning situation are created through the skilful use of appropriate teaching methods and equipments.

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