Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

Trees, Shrubs and Climbers

The importance of trees in gardening has already been pointed out These three types of plants form an important component of any garden.


These are perennial, tall with marked trunk and grow for several years. From historical times, trees are planted along road side to provide shade to travellers. The trees have immense beauty from aesthetic point of view.


These are important in a garden as they produce beautiful fragrant flowers. Non flowering handsome foliage shrubs produce pleasing effect. The four important purposes of growing shrubs in a garden are:

1. Surrounding beauty is improved.
2. Provide liveness to the garden and act as garden boundary wall.
3. Can be used for screening purposes to hide manure pits and dustbins.
4. Can be planted to divide the area of the garden.


A group of plants with weak stems and ability to climb up the support with help of modified organs.

The climbers, which bear beautiful flowers with fragrance, add beauty and colour to the garden. Artificial structures such as walls’, arches, pergolas, pillars etc. are well decorated with the help of climbers.

Planting and Maintenance of Trees, Shrubs and Climbers:

For planting pits of 60 x 60 cm should be dug. Soil should be mixed with 10-15 kg well rotten FYM, 20-25 gm bone meal and 10 gm BHC and pit filled with this mixture. Pit should be watered- Best period is rainy season. The plant should be planted in the center of the pit. Soil should be well pressed. The plant should be stalked. Trees planted along the road side, with adequate protection, and should receive regular water.

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