Turmeric Planting Methods

Turmeric Planting Methods

A) Ridge and Furrow Method:

1. Ridges and furrows are opened at 75 cm distance.
2. Planting of sprouted mother sets is done on both sides of the ridge at about 1/3 rd above the bottom of the furrow.
3. Only one set is planted at each spot by facing eye bud in upward direction.
4. Sets are planted at 20 to 25 cm distance from each other.
5. After planting sets are covered by soil.
6. Irrigation is given just before or after planting.

B) Broad Ridge Method:

1. In this method, the channels are opened at 1.5 meter distance from each other with the help of ridger.
2. The raised bed of 20 to 30 cm high and 75 to 100 cm wide at the top are prepared.
3. The length of bed depends upon the slope of the land.
4. Mother sets are planted on the top of the bed at 30 x 30 cm spacing.
5. At each spot one set is planted 10 cm deep and covered by soil.
6. Irrigation is given immediately after planting.
7. This method give 30 to 35 percent higher yield than ridge and furrow method.

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