Types of Cauliflower Curds

Types of Cauliflower Curds

a) Ricey:

Due to the elongation of the peduncles bearing the individual flower buds, the curd become granular and lose. It is very undeniable and is formed during warm weather at harvest time, and when it is slightly over- matured. Good seed and culture under favorable condition may check Ricey heads.

b) Fuzzy:

It is velvety in appearance, and formed when the flower pedicels elongate. This type of curd may result due to hereditary factor, or when plants are grown under unfavorable condition and heads are over matured.

c) Leafy: 

Curd becomes leafy due to the growing of small green leaves between the curd segments. They may appear in poor and sometimes in good strains also when growing conditions are unfavorable.

d) Perfect Curd:

In the type of lead or curd parts are well arranged to one another so that it looks almost homogeneous. This is found in young or party developed heads. As soon as the segmentation begins to take place, the curd reaches full developed and maturity and is ready for the market.

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