Types of Garden

Types of Garden

There are different types of gardens such as :

1. Home Garden:

The aim is to beautify the area around the house. It includes flower garden and a kitchen garden for the exclusive use of the family.

2. School Garden:

Such gardens are established around the school to beautify the area and also include a nutrition garden for educating children in nutritional importance of fruits and vegetables.

3. Urban Park:

It is a large area of open space organized primarily by landscape meant for recreation of general public. It includes all features such as flower beds, lawns, fountains and children comer. Area varies from 0.5 to 8.0 ha.

4. National Park:

 It is a graden meant for preserving the natural beauty of the area and allow free movement of wild life.

5. Industrial Gardens:

The gardens around the industrial estates and factories. These gardens not only beautify the premises but also help in checking pollution.

6. Arboratum:

The garden is a museum of living plants where propagation of various plants is undertaken and plants are grown for scientific study e.g. Botanical garden, Sibpore, Calcutta.

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