Types of Grasses

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Types of Grasses

Fodder crops are divided into:

a) Cereal Fodder Crops:

Ex. Jowar, Maize, Bajri and Oate etc.

b) Fodder Grasses :

Cultivated fodder grasses are classified as unirrigated and Irrigated fodder grasses.
i) Unirrigatd fodder grasses:
Ex. Marvel, Mashi, Pavna, Dongri gavat, Rhodes grass, Neel gavat, Anjan gavat.
ii) Irrigated fodder grasses:
Ex. Guinea grass, Para grass, Napier grass and Gajraj.

c) Leguminous Fodder Crops :

Leguminous fodder crops are classified as uncultivated and cultivated fodder crops.
i) Uncultivated legume fodder:
Ex. Subabul, Ran-mug, Shevra.
ii) Cultivated legume fodder :
Ex. Lucern, Berseem, Chavali, Watana, Guar, Kulthi, Shevri.

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