Types of Mustard

Types of Mustard

There are four types of mustard and rape seed.

a) Rai (Indian Mustard)

1. Botanical name is Brassica juncea.
2. It is locally known as mohair or rai.
3. The plant is tall, erect and much branched.
4. Fruits are slender.
5. The seeds are small and reddish brown in colour.
6. In India about 70% area is under this type of mustard.

b) Sarson:

1. Botanical name is Brassica campestric.
2. The fruits are thicker than those of rai.
3. The seeds are yellow or brown.
4. The seed coat is thin.

c) Toria or rape seed:

1. Botanical name is Brassica napus.
2. Plants are more vigorous and hardy.
3. The seeds are reddish.
4. It is commonly found in Punjab.

d) Taramira of Seoba or tara:

1. Botanical name is Eruca sativa.
2. It is of African origin.
3. The stem is and covered with stiff hair solid .
4. The fruit are shorter and stout.
5. The seeds are in a double row in each compartment of the fruit.

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