Types of Palms

Types of Palms

The important types or groups of palms can be classified as below:

i) Royal Palm / Bottle Palm:

Oreodoxa regia called the Royal palm, bottle palm is a tall and stately growing species with the stem usually barrel shaped, suited for garden avenues. Oreodoxa oleracea called cabbage palm is also effective in avenues, the stem is slender and swollen at the base leaves are 1 to 1 Vi meter long with graceful arching.

ii) Fan Palm:

Chamaerops mostly show growing plants of medium height with fan shaped leaves very easily grown and highly ornamental propagated from seed and sometimes by suckers better suited for medium-elevation. C. excelsa plants, one meter height are very handsome. The large broad fan shaped leaves are cut up deeply into sequent leaf stalk are armed with spines at the edges. C. humillis Dwarf and is a very fine species. C. fortune! a native of China,

iii) Fish Tail Palm:

Caryota are quick growing large palm’s with large broad leaves, which are finely cut up the small divisions or the leaflets are delta or fish tail shaped and hence, caryotas are popularly called as, ‘Fish tail palms’ They are good fijr avenue purposes.

iv) Livistona Palm:

Fan leaved very ornamental palms suited very well for pot culture. L. rofundifolia, L. mauritiana, L. altissima, and L. chinensis and all very good palms for decoration. L. chinensis is the best known and it is also called as Lantanis borbonica.

v) Licuala Palm:

Tropical very ornamental palms suited for pot culture very well.

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