Varieties of Aonla

Varieties of Aonla

Cultivars like Banarsi, Francis, Chakaiya and Banarsi Red are known to be cultivated in U.P., Krishna (NA 4) and Kanchan (NA – 5) are new finds in Faizabad and Anand -l and Anand-2 from Gujrat film seedling variables. 

l. Banarasi:

Erect, spreading, medium to tall tree, shy and slightly alternate bearer. Fruit is roundish weighing about 50 gm, whitish green, slightly fibrous, scanty to medium juicy, seed to pulp ratio is 1.21. It has less number of ,femalef?fiowers and hence shy bearer. The fruits contain high amount of Vitamin C.

2. Francis:

Erect and tall tree, good and,, regular.bearer, Branches have drooping habit. Large fruited weighing about 63 gms, oval roundish, light green, slightly fibrous, moderately juicy, seed to pulp ratio 1.21.

3. Chakaiya:

Tree has spreading habit, medium height, prolific and regular bearing tree. It has 4.03 female flowers per branchlet. Medium size fruit, flattened at base and round apex, greenish colour and fibrous. Seed to pulp ratio is 1.17.

4. Krishna (NA 4):

Chance seedling of Banarsi. Bears moderately. Fruit medium to large in zice, flattened, conical angular, basin papillate in shape, skin very smooth, yellowish in colour with red blush, flesh fibreless, hard and semi transparent.

5. Kanchan (NA – 5):

Chance seedling of Chakaya. Tree has spread habit, bears profusely. Fruits small to medium flattened oblong, Skin smooth, yellowish in colour, ideally suitable for preparation of pickles.

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