Varieties of Cinnamon

Varieties of Cinnamon

Varieties released for commercial cultivation are Navashree and Nithyashree. Navashree is a superior selection.. It has high and stable, regeneration capacity (6-7 shoots/year), high yield (average yield 56 kg/ha in the first 4 year), high bark recovery (40.6%), in addition to excellent quality characters (bark oil 2.7% with a very good cinnamaldehyde content 73%, bark oleoresin 8%, leaf oil 2.8%). Its very young flushes are purple which turn green in 7-10 days. It is recommended for all cinnamon growing region inthe country, both in the plains and in high altitudes (in open condition).

Konkan Tej and Yercaud -1 have also been released for commercial cultivation in IKarnataka and Tamil Nadu respectively.

Konkan Tej:

1. Released by BSKKV Dapoli in 1992.
2. Variety has high volatile oil in bark (3.2%) good combination of cinnamaldehyde (70.23%) and e’trpnol (6.93%) in bark oil.
3. High bark yield (289.75 g fresh and high leaf yield (3.56 kg fresh)

Sri Lankan Varieties:

Pat, Ma-pat, Kurunchi. Other two varieties are Sweet
Cimamoi and Honey Cinnamon.

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