Varieties of Gladiolus

Varieties of Gladiolus

Gladiolus varieties are grouped under two groups :
A) Big flowered varieties — preferred for cut flowers   and
B)  Small flowered varieties

A) Big Flowered Varieties:

1) George mazne                    2) Patrica
3) Ratna butterfly                   4) Snow princess
5) Apple bloossom                  6) Black jack
7) Cherry blossom                   8) Friendship
9) Happy end                         10) Melody
11) Royal tublee                     12) Agni – Rekha
13) Suchitra                          14) Mayur
15) Nazrana                           16) Apsara
17) Sapna                              18) Arti
19) Poonam                            20) Shobha

B) Small Flowered Varieties:
1) Butterfly                             2) Canberra
3) Royal jubilee                       4) Red canna

Gladiolus (Gladiolus sp)

1. Shree Ganesh

It is a FI hybrid (Sancerre x Oscor), most promising in respect of growth; flowering and corm and cormel production. Good acceptance in the market. The unopened florets (dorsal side) are pale yellow while fully opened florets (Ventral side) are dull-white. Longer vase life. Length of sptke 117 cm, produces 19 florets per spsike. Colour of spike is green. Placement of florets on spike is alternate and compact. Produces 2.15 corms and 69 cormels per plant. Average yield is 2.08 lakh spikes per hectare.   (MPKV, Rahuri).

2. Phule Prerna:

It has variable pink shades on the dull white coloured petals. It is an early flowering variety. Flower stocks are longer. Number of florets 16 per spike. It produces 250 cormels per plant. Spike length 117 cm. Rachis length 60 cm. it produces 1.65 lakhs spikes per hectare. It has longer vase life (10 days). Less susceptible to wilt disease.                                   (MPKV, Rahuri).

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