Varieties of Lettuce

Varieties of Lettuce

All the varieties many be divided into following classes which differ greatly in their texture, from and colour.

1. Loose leaf Varieties:

It is spreading in habit with leaves arranged in a cluster or a bunch. There is no over- lapping of the leaves. They are quick growing varieties. Ex. Grand raphids, Black seeded Simpson, prime head.

2. Crisp Head Varieties:

They are of cabbage heading habit. In them the central leaves are much over klapped. The foliage is crisp or brittle. The varieties of this class can not be used for a contimuous supply of leaves during the season. Ex. Lmperial, Empire green land.

3. Butter Head Varieties:

They are like crisp bvarieties but with comparatively soomothy, finely veined leaves of soft texture of soft texture and buttery flavor and oily touch. Ex. White Boston, May King, Bibb, Midas.

4. Cos Lettuce or Romanic Variety:

It is an up right variety with long head and supatulatc leaves. It is much in demand due to its brittle and crisp leaves of high quality. Ex. Dark green Cos, parris island Cos. Valamine.

The recommended varies from the I.A.R.I, New Delhi are great lakes. Imperical 847. Chinese yellow and slobolt, may king, Paris rohitc.

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