Varieties of Reddish

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Varieties of Reddish

Large numbers of cultivars are cultivated. There are two types of cultivars. Temperature of European and Tropical or Asiatic. European types growth in the region does not flower.

Ganesh Synthetic:

Ganesh synthetic is developed at regional fruit research station, ganeshkhind, pune. Roots are attractive white in colour, mild pungent. Ready for harvest within 30- 40 days. Yield with and without leaves is 500- 800 and 300-600 quintals per hectare respectively.

Pusa Desi:

it is tropical, subtropical, suitable fro sowing middle of august to October. The roots are pure white, 30- 35 cm long tapering with green stem and pungent and heay yielded.

Pusa Chetki:

It can tolerate high temperature; it can be sown from middle of august. This cultivates sets seeds under tropical condition. Roots are medium large and stumpy, pure white, tender and smooth and mildly pungent. Is becomes ready for harvesting in 40- 45 days after sowing.

Japanese White:

It is excellent variety so far as root quality is concerned. The roots are cylindrical, 22- 25 cm in length and 5 cm in diameter. The skin in snow white, fresh crisp, solid and less pungent. It matures in 45- 50 days. It is suitable for growing between November to December.

Kalyanpur Selection:

 It is a tropical variety and heavy yielder. The tips are more in proportion than roots. Is is suitable for growing in winter season. Sudden drop in temperature induces bolting.

Besides these varieties, there are varieties of good root qualities like Pusa reshmi, Pusa Himani. The variety Janupurin Giant is also a tropical variety and heavy yielder. Radish is very specific in its climatic requirements especially temperature. Therefore, it is very important to select right cultivar for growing in the season.

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