Vegetable Forcing and Vegetable for Processing

Vegetable Forcing and Vegetable for Processing

Vegetable Forcing:

It is the method of growing of vegetables out of their normal in sellers, heated buildings, greenhouses, cold farms and under other artificial growing conditions. It is the most intensive type of vegetable growing. Vegetable produced through these, give a very high return, vegetable forcing is not possible because the consumers cannot afford the prices of such vegetables. According to Choudhury (1997) growing of the summer vegetables.on the river beds during the winter months with the help of organic manure, with breaks of dry grass is also type of forcing. Some times for early product seedlings of crops like tomato or brinjal are forced to germinate in small protected structures. This may also be a type of vegetable forcing.

Vegetable for Processing:

Low cost with high quality and convenience in storage and use, have given rise to vegetable processing in India. But this industry is still not well-developed People also in general, have not yet developed liking for the canned and processed vegetables in India. Still we need vegetables of good quality for canning, dehydration and freezing in our existing factories. Pickling and fermentation also require vegetables. For these also we must grow good vegetables. Vegetables for processing are generally grown around vegetables processing factories, for the regular supply of vegetables to the factories

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