Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardening may broadly be divided into four parts on the disposition that is to be made of the products.

1. Home or Kitchen or Amateur Gardening:

 In which the purpose is to raise a supply for the use of family only.

2. Commercial Vegetable Gardening:

This is the method of growing vegetables on large scale for the sale according to the objects sought and the methods employed in producing and disposing of the crops.

This Further Divided into:

1) Market gardening.

2) Truck gardening or farming.

3) Vegetable forcing.

4) Vegetable for processing:

i) Canning

ii) Freezing

iii) Dehydration

iv) Pickling & fermentation

v) Vegetable gardening for seed production

vi) Floating- Veg. garden.

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