Weed Control in Cotton and Ground Nut Field

Weed Control in Cotton and Ground Nut Field


Digitaria sp., Echinochola columan, Elesing, Cyperues, rotundus, Xanthium strumarium.  Portulaca olerace, Digera arvensis etc.


Early stages tillage and hand weedings.


TCA- Control Bermuda grass, Tri fluralina, Nitraline, Dinitraline.
Pre-emergence:  Diuron, Monuron 0.5 to 1.5 kg/ha Norea, DCPA, Trizzines can be applied t to 10 kg/ha @ 2.4 kg/ha


MSMA, DSMA, 2 kg/ha are semi directed sprays.


2%TCA Dalapon 0.5 to 1%


During pod development completes for moisture and nutrient.


Physical: 1 – 2 hand weeding and hoeing before peg formation.

Pre-emergence:  When groundnut plants have placed roots about 14 cm deep (6 DAS) /nitrogen (2 -6 kg/ha), Alachlor (1.5 to 3 kg/ha), PCP 15 – 20 kg/ha.

 Post Planting: Vernalate 2 to 2.5 kg/ha, Nitralin 0.25 to 0.75 kg/ha 2-4 DB as directed post emerging treatment to control broad leaf weeds.

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