Weed Control in Rice Field

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Weed Control in Rice Field


Rice field favours growth of aquatic and semi aquatic weds. A few common aquatic weds in rice are water hysinth, pistia, morning glory and algae. Terrestial including barnyard grass Ammonia baciflora (Jalmukhee) may be serious on ridges.

Weed Control Practices:

1. Flooding:

To prevent aquatic weeds, alternate and drainage is essential.

2. Row Cultivation:

In line sown rice fields hand rotary wear has proven a very effective weed control for floating aquatic weeds and perennial grasses.  Hoeing and weeding give effective physical weed control of rice.  In nurseries, hand puling is common methods.

Herbicides Control:

Upland Rice:

A variety of grasses form primary weed flora in upland rice.  For their control nitrogen @ 2.4 kg/ha is recommended as pre emergence control.  Immediately after drilling.  Butachlor can be used in upland rice.


3 to 4 kg/ha. Malinate 2-4 kg/ha SWCP 4-6 kg/ha flurodifen 2-4 kg/ha, are effective selective post emergence herbicides against annual grasses.


Malinate and Propanil are effective post emergence herbicides and control of Board leaf weeds in flooded rice 2-4 D, MCPA 2, 4, 5 – T and Silvex are used in rice for controlling broad leaf weeds and nut sedge.  Rice plants are tolerant to Phenoxy herbicides at the fully tillening stage (4-6 weeds 2, 4-D and MCPA are used against here because annual dicot species, whereas 2,4,5-T and Silvex are justified for control of rough weeds viz. indigo, Dicamine, a special formulation of 2,4-D is specifically used against perennial dicotweeds.

Control of Algac in Rice:

Bresten 50 (0.70 to 1.0 kg a.i./ha), Nitrogen (1 to 2 kg a.i./ha), SWCP (1-2 kg a.i./ha) are important algaecide for rice fields.

Control of grasses in transplanted rice:

1. Nitrogen 2 kg/ha for pre plant treatment and 4 kg/ha for transplant treatment.
2. Glemoar 8-10kg/ha
3. Mallinate (2.4 kg/ha)
4. Influralin (1 kg/ha)
5 .MCPA (7 To 8 kg/ha)
6. Butachlor (1-2 kg/ha)

Are commonly used herbicides in transplanted rice.

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