Weed Control in Sugarcane Field

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Weed Control in Sugarcane Field


Germination of crop completes in 20-30 days. As area is irrigated, it grows variety of weeds during the period. Nut sedge is very common weed which compete with crop mainly for moisture but it may reduce the crop germination. Perennial weeds like Bermuda grass, morning glory cause special weed problem in sugarcane at tillering and elongation stage. Besides, Johnson grass common weeds in sugarcane are, Aqueratum conyzoids, Ipomea headreca (Morning glory), Twinner which arrests the crop growth, Amarnthus viridis, Cyoerus rotundus.

Weed Control Practices for Sugarcane Field:

1. Blind hoeing is performed after planting one hand weeding and 2 to 3 row cultivations are done. After earthling up no physical method is feasible.

2. Pre Emergence Control:

 Atrazine and Simazine 1 to 2 kg/ha controls weeds up to 4-6 weeks CDAA (6-10 kg/ha) gives more effective control.

3. Early Post Emergence Control:

Paraquat (Non-residual) 0.5 to 1 kg/ha.  MSWA and DSMA (2-3 kg/ha).  Amitrol 0.2 to  

4. Control of Nut Sedge:

Pre-planting use of Vernolate (3-4kg/ha) also controls annual grasses along with nut sedge.  Also parauat MAA Amitral and Herbicidal oils are used for nut sedge control.

5. Control of Broad leaf Weed:

Post emergence 2,4-D Pichloram and Silvex.

6. Control of Established Grasses:

Dalapon (0.5 to 1%) to control Bermuda grass.  Ipomea herdrosa – 80% Sodium salt of 2,4-D within 15 days.    

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