Weed Control in Turf or Lawn

Weed Control in Turf or Lawn

Weeds in Turf (Lawn):


Proper mowing, fertilization and watering are three fundamentals in developing a dense turf by standing the weeds.

i) Planting Material:

 Only lawn seeds and grasses should be planted in a new lawn.

ii) Mowing:

Time, frequency and height of mowing controls growth of specific lawn grasses.  Too close/too high mowing favours weed growth.  Time should be such adjusted so as to depot weeds before they set seed.

iii) Irrigation:

Frequent watering favours shallow turf.

iv) Fertilizers:

Fertilizers should not be applied unless sprayed with proper herbicides.

Chemical Control:

i) Soil fumigants pre planting MB, CS2 Methane, and DMTT.

ii) Foliar application – in established lawns 2,4-D and Dicamba, Sillvex, MAA 2,4-D, EPTC, Picloram.

iii) Soil application before weeds emergence in established lawns Attazine, DMPA, Nitralin, Trifluralin etc

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