What is System Approach?

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What is System Approach?

Ans. – Management practices are developed for individual crops and recommendations are made for individual crops. The residual effects of individual crops are not considered in crop-based recommendation; in this resources are not utilized efficiently. To a farmer, instead of crop, land is a unit and management practices should be for all crops that are to be grown on a piece of land. Therefore, System Approach is applied to agriculture for efficient utilization of all resources, maintaining stability in production and obtaining higher net returns.

Classification of cropping systems, interaction complementary and competitive:

Cropping Systems:

Cropping systems, an important component of a farming system, represents a cropping pattern (i.e. the proportion of area under various crops at a point of time in a unite area) used on a farm and their interaction with farm resources, other farm enterprises and available technology, which determine their make up.

It is defined, as the order in which the crops are cultivated on a piece of land over a fixed period or cropping system is the way in which different crops are grown. In the cropping systems, sometimes a number of crops are grown together or they are grown separately at short intervals in the same field.


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