What is Vegetable and Difference between Fruits and Vegetables

What is Vegetable and Difference between Fruits and Vegetables


Any part of crop consumed as fresh or after cooking is called as "vegetable". Still definition is incomplete. There cannot be any single definition covering all characteristics.

Difference between Fruits and Vegetables:

Following are important differences between fruits and vegetables:

1. In case of fruits only flower or fruit is consumed While in vegetable all parts from roots to fruits are consumed (roots / leaves / stem / flower / fruit / seed / buds).

2. Fruits are consumed a fresh without cooking eg. Banana, apple, guava while vegetables are consumed a fresh as salad and also after cooking few are eaten both way fresh and after cooking eg. Tomato, onion, cucumber. etc.

3. Biennial Fruits are perennial and woody in nature with exception that some are annual and biennial and e.g. papaya, banana, while majority of vegetables are annual while few are biennial (onion, Cole crops, root crops) and few perennial (asparagus, parwal, tondali, hadga, drumstick).

4. Orchard management: Tranning, pruning and certain specific operations are performed in fruit crops and not in gegetable crops.

5. Fruit crops are mostly propagated by vegetative method except papaya, phalsa, Coconut and kagzi lime which are propagated by seed while majority of vegetable crops are propagated by seed with exception of tondali aspaaragus, sweet potato, parwal, potato.


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