Why to Study Rural Religion?

Why to Study Rural Religion?

Rural people have greater affinity for the religion than the urban people.

1. The dependence of agriculture on natural forces like rains etc. and absent of scientific culture which provides the correct understanding of the natural and social world among the rural people are two main reasons for greater degree of religiosity among them.

2. The religious outlook of rural people dominates their all aspects of life. Their family life, caste life, general social life, economic and even recreational life are more or less governed by the religious approach and religion norms.

3. In most of the educationally and economically backward countries the leadership of village life was provided by priestly group. In India the Brahmins. The mores which this group lay down for individual behavior as well as for social control were determined by the traditional religious concepts. Hence the life of village aggregates village people in all spheres was mould in the spirit of religious ideas and was controlled by the religious institution and leaders.

4. Though secular contralised state has taken ever the administration of village from village Panchayat and caste council who had a necessarily a religious outlook. The religious still continue to exercise a powerful hold over the minds or rural people and determine the behavior in number of secular fields.

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