Wind and It’s Importance

Wind And Its Importance

The air that moves parallel to any part of the earth surface is called wind or The air moving horizontally on the surface of the earth is known as wind.

Air Current:
Vertically or nearly vertical movements of air resulting from convection ,turbulence or any other cause is known as air current.

Importance or Role or Effects Of Wind In Agriculture:

1. Wind increases the transpiration and intake of CO2
2. The turbulence created by wind increase CO2 supply and the increase in photosynthesis.
3. When wind is hot, desiccation of the plants takes place, because humid air in the inter cellular places is replaced by dry air.
4. The hot and dry wind makes the cells expanding and early maturity, it results in the dwarfing of plants.
5. Under the influence of strong wind the shoots are pressurized and get deformed.
6. Strong winds produces loading of crops.
7. The coastal area affected by strong wind bring salt and make the soil unsuitable for growing plants.
8. Strong winds affect the plants life both mechanically and physiologically.