Zilla Parishad and its Function

Zilla Parishad and its Function

This is the third tier of Panchayat Raj operating at the district level. It consists of:

1. All Presidents of Panchayat Samiti in the district.
2.  The district collector.
3. M.L.A.s of the District
4. M.L.Cs.with right to vote but not to hold office.
5. M.P.s of the District
6. Tow women representatives.
7. One representative of Scheduled Casts.
8. One representative of scheduled Tribes.
9. Tow persons interested in rural development.
10. The members of the Parishad elect a chairman and a vice-chairman.

The District heads of development departments take part in the proceedings of the parishad and its standing committees.  There will be a secretary appointed by the Government, who attends all meetings of the Parishad and its standing committees.  Official members are not entitled to vote.  Every Zilla Parishad has normally seven standing committees.  As follow:

Standing Committee               I         –           Planning and Production
                                         II         –           Co-operation and Industries
                                         III        –           Education
                                         IV        –           Women Welfare
                                         V         –           Social Welfare
                                        VI         –         Communications
                                        VII        –        Taxation and Finance

Powers and Functions of the Zilla Parishad:

  1. Zilla Parishad should function as advisory body over the Panchayat Samiti with powers to a) approve their budgets b) co-ordinate their plans and c) distribute funds given by the Government among the blocks.
  2. It has to prepare plans for all items of developmental activities in the district including Municipal areas.
  3. It has to secure execution of plans etc. which are common to two or more blocks.
  4. Secondary education is the responsibility of Zilla Parishad.
  5. The parishad should perform such of the powers and functions of the District Board as are transferred to it by the Government.
  6. It should also perform the functions of Panchayat Samiti in respect of non-samiti blocks.
  7. It should advise the Government in all matters relating to rural development in the district.
  8. It should discuss and review at it’s ordinary meetings the progress made or the results achieved under-various items.  Similarly the District Officer of every Development Department furnishes to the Parishad a brief note on the achievements in the schemes of his department.  Such notes will be periodically reviewed by the Parishad.

Organization Set Up:

Rounded Rectangle: Parliament-National Development Council, Central Committee- Prime Minister-ChairmanRounded Rectangle: Ministry of Agriculture, C.D. & Co-operation – Directorate of Extension (G.O.I.) 



Rounded Rectangle: State Dept. Commissioner & Additional Development Commissioner Panchayat Raj CommissionerRounded Rectangle: State Legislature, State Dept. Committee, Chief Minister as Chairman, State Chamber of Panchayat Raj 



Zilla Parishad


Deputy Collector









Village Panchayat


Gram Sevek (V.D.O.)



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